what ia the difference between old delhi and new delhi????

Old delhi was the part of delhi where all poor people settled. This place is also known as black settlement. It is related to unhygiene and disease. Small houses were built here.

New delhi is the part of delhi where the white people and rich indians settled. This place is also lnown as white towns. It is related to cleanliness and power. Large bungalows were built here.

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A lot of difference.....Delhi existed long back....during Mughal period....NewDelhiwas not there at that time.....New Delhiwas formed just about a hundred years back....starting withEdwin Lutyendesigned area..with large bunglows and symmetrical roads in between. Interestingly he designed the First Shoppimg Mall in India...Connaught PlaceOld Delhi and New Delhi became common more in post independence India...referring the older part of the city and the more planned newer part of the city..So to answer....Yes..they are same city.....just different part called differentlySince they are not two different place..they are not at all far

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As we all know that New Delhi and Old Delhi are just two faces of a gold coin .As Old Delhi remind us about our culture,tradition ,our history as it is New Delhi also tells us about our constitution that we are independent our country is democratic we are free to fight for our right.
OLD DELHI-as we know old Delhi was founded by mughal emperor Shanjahan in 1639 and also know as Shahjahanabad. this area is considered the best area of that time and was filled with beautiful monuments ,buildings and houses.the main shahjahanabad was designed by jahanara begun daughter of shan jahan.as we know shah jahan is a lover of architecture so he design his capital in very attractive way.the system of marketing is also good their old delhi is also famous for its market. market like chandini chowk is so famous their.
NEW DELHI-new delhi is a city of progress . city where is our parliament situated .
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