What hazardous materials have to be dealt with while disposing of electronic items? How would these materials affect the environment?

Electronic items contain some hazardous materials such as cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, some compressed gases, PVCs etc. which can contaminate the environment once released by dumping, melting and burning of electronic wastes.

For example: Cadmium can bio-accumulate in the environment and is extremely toxic to humans as it adversely affecting kidneys and bones

PVCs in electronic items when burnt or land-filled, release dioxins that have harmful effects on human reproductive and immune systems

Mercury can cause damage to the nervous system, kidneys and brain, and can even be passed on to infants through breast milk

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They are chopped up, melted, and reformed. They are important to recycle because they take a long time to degrade and they are petroleum based, which is in limited supplyWell there are a few ways. Of course by fire to melt it but the thing is it has to be clean n able to keep its mass. When melting it loses it self by smoke n when it shrinks. Its a complex situation.Try this site out. It seems very resourceful. Hope it helps.

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But i actually asked for disposing of electronic items such as- t.v., fans, exhaust fans, etc.

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