What Happens When Chlorine Is Passed Over dry Slaked Lime?Write THe chemical Euquation invovled in the Reaction.mention Three properties Of The Product?


When chlorine is pased through dry slaked lime power Ca(OH)2  ,  bleaching powder is obtained .

Slaked lime ---  Ca(OH)2  Chlorine  ---  Cl2

  The chemical equn :-  Ca(OH)2  +  Cl  ------>  CaOCl2  +  H2O

  CaOCl2 is bleaching powder

  The three properties Of bleaching powder  ,  (CaOCl2) are

  1. It is a yellowish white powdre with a strong smell of chlorine
  2. It reacts with carbon dioxide , dil. HCl and di. H2SO4  to form chlorine gas.
  3. It is soluble in water but since it is generally contaminated with  Ca(OH)2 , it may produce a milky solution. 



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