what happened to the cities under the colonial rule

Cities under colonial rule.
  • In the late 18th century Bombay ,Calcutta And Madras became the centres of British power in the different region of India And the small cities declined .
  • Many towns manufacturing specialised goods declined due to the drop in demand of their produce..
  • Due to establishment of new ports old trading centres and ports could not survive any more.
  • Earliest centres of regional power collapsed when The British defeated the local rulers.
  • Cities like Machlipatnam,Surat,And Serigapatam were de urbanised during the nineteenth century.

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colonial rule means when a country subjugates the other country on their social and ecomical powers the subjugated country is known as colonial

According to your question

The british extracted the ecomomical and social power of the cities  and  ruled over the country 
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