what happen if there is no trees


1. No oxygen for us to survive  2. No shelter  3. No houses for birds to stay  4. No greenery

If you know how important trees are for life than you would never ask this question. Trees are belonging to our life, which is very important. Three things are very important for our life, remember : shelter, water, food. If this is their it is not sufficient for us but even oxygen. They give out oxygen, which we breathe, and take in carbondioxide which we produce. Imagine how important it is for us! remember : WITHOUT TREES, THERE IS NO LIFE ON EARTH.

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life i not posible

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life is not possible if trees are not there bcoz trees help in exchange of gases,gives food and a lot.

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If there is no tree on earth then we can't breathe.There will be no water to drink because rain only fall when there are trees.There will be no food to eat. There will be soil erosion.There will be no shade in winter.

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Lack of oxgen will be there and if there is no oxygen, then NO Life!!
People wouldn't be able to survive... and even earth may not exists

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wewould die due to lack of oxgyen as trees make oxgyen

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If trees will disappear we wil also disappear.

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