What effect on PPC due to demonetisation occurs in India or Rest of the World...??

Ppc will shift to the right as undeclared wealth will reduce , which results in increased taxable income of the govt., and increased spending on infrastructure . All this will atract more foreign direct investment thus enhancing resources of a country and hence leading to a rightward shift in ppc.
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Bro... I m not agree with your answer.
Beacuse when demonetization occurs( in India) export slowdown,people can not do fuller utilization of resouces this occur shift to leftward on PPC...
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PPC curve not shift in demonization because our resources are not increase or decrease and equally efficient as before. But we lie in any point with in the PPC curve because our production cut only for some months...
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Resources used in underutilized it does not cause shifting of ppc. Like another example of unemployment not shift of ppc..
So ppc not shift in any direction.
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due to demotisation there will be no shift in ppc but resources are underutilised
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Sir I want reason why their is no effect on ppc curve
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PPC will not shift , but production will take place inside the pcc
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PPC will not shift because resouces and technology doesn't  decrease , that's why production will take place inside the PPC without shifting
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