What does the poet want to convey in the poem 'The Lake Isle of Innisfree'?

He wants to convey a present setting.
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The poet wants to convey that he has a desire to escape from the hectic and chaotic life of the city and enter the peaceful state of mind or here the lake isle of innisfree . He describes this state of mind in words like bee -loud glade and the veil of the morning.????
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This poem explores the poet's longing for the peace and tranquility of innisfree a place where he spend a lot of time as a boy he wants to go there and build a small cabin of clay and wattles ,grow nine Bean rows and have a beehive for the Honey Bee. He want to have peace in that place ,enjoy the nature, the Midnight , the evening which is full of linnets wings. in this poem the poet is standing on the road on the pavement grey ,but still he can hear the lake water lapping with low Sound By the shore deep in his heart ,this shows that the innisfree has become a state of mind ,hence the poet wants to leave his busy and tired life and go there to rest in peace.
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