What does high pressure and low pressure really mean? How do they form? Kindly explain as I am confused.

Pressure systems are used to define system of pressure distribution in lands and sea ( mostly in sea). Low pressure areas are those where the air becomes warm due to excessive heating of land or water due to sunshine.Air in this region becomes lighter and travels upward thus creating a low pressure area in the region, whereas high pressure areas are formed due to downward motion of the wind through the troposphere which creates light winds , cloudless skies and an aticyclonic condition in the high pressure area over the given time.

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A high pressure area is a region where the atmospheric pressure at the surface is greater than its surrounding areas. Winds within the high-pressure areas flow in a clockwise direction, indicative of good weather conditions. Areas of high pressure are usually associated with clear and sunny weather as they are the direct opposite of a low pressure system. Tropical areas are well-known for frequent formation of low pressure and high pressure areas.

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