What do you understand by the term Dark age? Do you think it is fair to label the period ? ? ? as dark ages? Give reasons.

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The term 'Dark Ages' was coined by an Italian scholar called Francesco Petrarch. It is frequently used synonymously with the term Middle Ages. The period of time between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Italian Renaissance and the Age of Discovery is referred to as dark ages. Many historians list the Dark Ages as spreading from 500-1500 AD, although it should be noted these are only guesses.
The term frequently has a negative connotation and Francesco Petrarch used this label to illustrate what he understood as a lack of quality in the Latin literature of his day. Other thinkers came along and extended this appellation to include not only literature but also culture in general. The term thus emerged as a classification for the supposed lack of culture and progression in Europe during the medieval period. This period was also marked by frequent warfare and the virtual disappearance of urban life. Hence, in the light of above-mentioned reasons, it can be fair to label this period as dark ages.



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