What do you think of the value of courage ? Discuss it with respect to the chapter his first flight

Dear student
The little bird was extremely afraid to fly at the beginning. Gradually he started growing hungry and waited for his mother to feed him fish. However, just as his mother flew just opposite to him, she grew motionless. This is when hunger acted as a driving force when the little bird stepped forward to grab the fish when he started falling. After a few seconds of terror, he started flapping his wings. With this lesson,  he overcame his fear. This shows that if we keep courage we can overcome any fear in our lives.If one has courage, faith and determination, then success will be theirs. Courage signifies facing obstacles and not running away from problems, it also implies moral courage to stand up for that which is 'right'.
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Courage always increase our hopes of we have hope than we can fight with situation and problems
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We think that courage is just a strong feeling but incense courage is that thing that make us able to hope in that situation where possibilities have little chance of overcome through that situation.
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