What do you mean by social division?

Social divisions are made in a society based upon the social differences. People are hence classififed according to the basis of difference in the society

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SOCIAL DIVISION :-Social division is a condition when a group or community of society feels alienated or finds itself in multiple disadvantages like being poor and discriminated against .Social divisions arise when one kind of social difference become more important than other.

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Social division-

Social division is the result of the aggregation of social differences with other forms of differences. E.g. caste based division becoming a basis of economic stratification of society. Such a situation also results in discrimination.

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Social division are economic or cultural arrangements of groups in society.
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Social division of labor, one of the two aspects of the division of labor, is the social structural foundation of the specialized commodity production divided between industries, firms, and occupations of workers, or the technical division of tasks.
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Social division is a situation in which one social difference becomes more important than the other and people start feeling that they belong to any other community.
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Social Division:?When socail differences become acute and one community is discriminated becasue of the differences, it becomes social division. Under such circumstances, one community is discriminated. For example, social difference between the upper castes and lower castes becomes a social division as the dalits are generally poor and face unjustice and discrimination.
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