what do u mean by debit balance/creditbalance of suspense account

 suspense account  will open if all the entries are posted  from journal book to the respective ledger accounts and the ledgers are balanced.

From the ledger balances before preparing profit and loss a/c , a trial balnce is prepared to check the arithmatic accuracy of the accounts. Trial balance is prepared by taking all the debit and credit balances of ledgers.

so if we have done correct entries and correct posting the Dr. side total of trial balance should be equal to Cr. side total

If it is not so then

The suspense a/c will have Dr. balance if

 : any entry is wrongly credited only with no debit 

 :debited with less amount but credited with more amount

 : while posting from journal to ledger only credit amount in the respective account is posted and the account to be debited is not debited

(there can be many examples for this)

In all the above cases the credit balnce total will definately be more than debit balance in trial balance

Vice versa will be case in which debit balance will be more than credit balance in trial balance

But it is difficult to locate errors as we have to check each journal entry and its posting

So to prepare profit & loss a/c and balnce sheet the differnce of amount shown by trial balance is debited or credited to suspense account.

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good one lovleen

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when we prepare trial balance, if the trial balance is not match the dr side and cr side is not match and found one side diffrence for the temparary we insert the suspence a/c where dr or cr balance is sort.

after serch the journal entry and ledger entry and balance, after find any wronly figure that we put that amount on suspence a/c

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When.my debit balanceand credit balance do not match then we use in this case suspenseaccount
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