what dilemma did dr. andrew face soon after the delivery of the child??

Post an hour long and harsh struggle, the child that Andrew had helped to deliver was born lifeless. As he gazed down at the still form, Andrew shivered to think how he had failed to keep his promise of delivering the baby safely. He hesitated, he was torn between the desire to attempt to resuscitate the child and his obligation towards saving the mother who was in a desperate state after the birth of her child. The question at hand was whom to save, the stillborn baby or the mother whose heart was still beating.

The dilemma was so pressing that he did not resolve it consciously,he blindly and instinctively chose to pay attention to Susan Morgan, the mother who now lay collapsed, with almost no pulse. He began to race to save her with her ebbing strength marking the time left. In an instant he had smashed a glass ampule and injected the medicine. Then he flung down the hypodermic syringe and worked tirelessly to restore the woman back to consciousness. A few excruciating moments later, she began to gain strength. It was only then that he decided to devote his attention to the child.

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