what did James mill think about the Asian society

James Mill was a Scottish historian, economist, political theorist, and philosopher. He was a founder of classical economics, together with David Ricardo, and the father of John Stuart Mill, the philosopher of liberalism.
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James Mill thought that all the Asian societies were at the lower level of civilisation than Europe and it was only the British who can civilise them
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James Mill thought that all the Indians were at lower level of civilisation and it was only British who could civilise them.
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James Mill was a Scottish economist & political philosopher. He thought that Asian societies weren't as civilised as European societies. He thought that only the British could civilise us. He thought India wasn't capable of progress without the White Man's help.
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james mill was an scotish economist . he thought about asian was that asian society was not civillesed as the european
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What did James mill think about the Asian societies
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