what are true fruits and false fruits?

During fertilisation an embryo is formed in the ovule. This results from the fusion of male and female reproductive cells (a nucleus in the pollen grain and a nucleus in the female egg cell in the ovule). There are other nuclei in the pollen grain and the egg cell and these also fuse and form a structure known as the endosperm. This becomes a food store for the developing seed.

In some plants, the fruit may be formed from just from the ovary and the other floral parts (e.g. sepals, petals, stamens, stigma and style) persist only as withered remains. When this happens, the fruits are described as ‘true fruits’. Often, however, other floral parts form an integral part of the fruit. An example is the apple, in which the top of the flower stalk becomes fleshy, surrounds the ovary wall and fuses with it. Such fruits are often referred to as false fruits to distinguish them from the true fruits that are formed only from the ovary.

True and False Fruits

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