What are the sources of the medieval period? Explain each of them in a proper & clear way plzzz......!!!!

Different provinces were ruled by different monarchs in Medieval India (8th to 18th centuries). India attracted many foreign invaders due to its wealth and resources. Our land’s location made it difficult for traders and invaders to get in.
Historians can trace history using archaeological and literary sources of information. Monuments, temples, inscriptions, coins, and weaponry are examples of archaeological sources.
Manuscripts, folk stories, poems, and biographies of various emperors are among the literary sources.
Any handwritten document is referred to as a manuscript.
Manuscripts were gathered by rich people, monasteries, rulers, and temples. Historians can find detailed information in the manuscripts, but they are hard to use.
Historians have difficulty obtaining information from a variety of textual sources since a copy of a manuscript is never identical to the original.

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