What are the properties of Electric Lines of Force ?

Properties of Electric Lines of Force are:

1)The tangent to the line of force at a point gives the direction of Electric field intensity at that point.

2) Electric lines of forces never cross each other. This point can be cleared easily through a figure.

Let us suppose that two lines intersect at a point. So draw tangents to that point along the lines of force. You will see that their will be two directions of the electric field intensity at a single point, which is not possible.electrostatic 2.26

3)Electric Lines of Force start from positive charges and end at negative charges.

4)They do not form any closed loop.

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 1]they donot intersect each other

2]they originate from the positive charge at one end and terminate on a negative charge on the other end

3]they are discontinuos curves

4]electric field inside a conductor is 0

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1.Lines of force start from a +ve charge and end at the -ve charge.

2.Lines of force do not intersect each other,if they do as,at the  poin  of intersection lines of force will have two directions and that  is not possible.

3 .Lines of force contract longitudannally in case of  2 unlike charges and exert a lateral presssure btwn 2 like charges.

4.Lines of force do  not form any closed loops.

5.electric lines of force do not pass through a charged conducto r,as the electric field inside a charged conductor is zero.

6.In a charge free  region,electri lines of force can be taken as continous curves.

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