What are the precautions taken during vermicomposting?

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The precautions to be taken during vermicomposting includes :

1.Before producing vermicompost, an appropriate site should be selected for it. A shaded area that is not reachable by flood is ideal. Also material sources must be near so that the worms can compost them easily.
2. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight as it will decrease the moisture level of the soil thereby also killing the worms within it. Constant spraying of water is must to maintain the moisture of the soil. 
3.The worms should be protected from being eaten by rodent likes rats, insects like ants and birds that feed specifically on worms.


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  • Add powdered egg shells because these help the redworms to grind their food.
  • Do not use waste containing oil, salt, meat and milk products because if you put these germs start growing in the pit. 
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