what are the precautions taken during Tsunami ?

Some of the precautionary measures are:

  • being aware of the tsunami warning signs
  • moving to a higher ground immediately
  • moving to the evacuation site in an orderly, calm manner
  • avoiding streams and rivers that might lead to the ocean

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well b sreyas you have asked a nice question....their is a situation when tsunami occurs....


a) if you are at home and hear there is a tsunami warning then make sure all your family members is aware of the warning...your family should evacuate yourself if you live in a evacuation zone..follow the local emergency and law ennforcement.

b) if you are on the beach or near the ocean and you feel the ground shake, move immediately to higher ground, do not wait for a arning to be announced..

c) tsunami generated in distant locations give enough time to people to move away.

hope i answered your question..

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