What are the main source of history of modern India?

a. Administrative records- The British believed in writing every policy , every plan, agreement, decisions which later served as important source.
b. The British preserved every letter, documents. The colonial regime had established â€‹record rooms attached to all administrative  institutions. 
c. All the documents â€‹documents were carefully copied out and beautifully written by calligraphists.
d. Surveys- The practise of conducting surveys became very important under colonial administration so as to consolidate its power and to effectively administer the country.
e. Important surveys like revenue surveys were conducted. Later, Census was also prepared that helped in collecting information related to castes, religions, occupations.

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 As We Know British Period Is Known As The Modern India. We Know That Britishers Were Fond Of Writing They Wrote Every Order,Restruction,Changes Etc. They Preserved These Written Notes In Archives Which We Found Today These Are The Sources Of Knowing Modern India

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The  main  sources  of   history  of  modern  India  are  official  records  preserved  in  museums,  books,  diaries...

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 official records

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The sources of modern history of India were the literary sources like manuscripts, scrolls, books, important documents,etc. The second would be archaeological soures and monuments and the third would be other soures like printing, reports, radio, broadcaste.

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Literary sources
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