what are the importance of organic compounds in our daily life ?

Organic chemistry is the study of carbon and the study of the chemistry of daily life. Life is based on carbon's ability to form diverse structures and an endless number of different carbon based on molecules. We are living in a world which is largely shaped by organic compounds. There is hardly any walk of life where we do not need the organic compounds. The food that we eat is essentially a mixture of organic compounds. The changes which the food undergoes in our bodies are organic chemical reactions. The clothes that we wear (wool, cotton, leather, synthetics) are all organic in character. The soap, cosmetics, perfume, oils, plastics, explosives, rubber, dyestuffs, paper, insecticides, and many more are all organic compounds. The sources of primary energy we still use every day (petroleum, natural gas, coal) are organic in nature. In the medical field, organic compounds are indispensable. Antibiotics, sulpha drugs, alkaloids, aspirin, iodoform, and many are organic compounds. There is hardly any industry which is not dependent on organic compounds.

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Best Answer:  1.) Preservatives - citric acid, sodium benzoate are only two of many. 
2.) Drugs, including antibiotics - aspirin, acetaminophen, prozac, birth control, etc. are ALL organic molecules. 
3.) Plastics - the building blocks that compose plastic are organic molecules, and plastics are long, long chains of organic molecules linked together. 
4.) Flavorings in food - what we taste are the organic compounds interacting with our taste buds. 
5.) Scents - perfumes and food - anything we detect with our nose is an organic compound interacting with receptors in our nose 
6.) Fuel - gasoline for cars and oil for their engines are both organic compounds. 
7.) Pesticides - most pesticides are organic molecules that have neurotoxic properties to insects (and for that reason, why people are starting to buy organic, since organic crops do not use FDA regulated pesticides). So, most of what we eat was grown at some point, and a pesticide was involved. 
8.) Food coloring and color - organic molecules are the cause of color in food colorings (FD&C Red #40, Yellow #5, and Blue #1 are all organic molecules). 
9.) Laptop, cell phone, calculator and TV screens - LCD screens are liquid crystal displays. Liquid crystals are specific combinations of organic molecules that change their shape when an electric current is applied (or the temperature changes - mood rings are liquid crystals). When the shape of the molecule changes, it lets light through (or doesn't let it through) and what color depends. 
10.) Vitamins - vitamins are organic molecules. Usually we need them because they help our body do the chemical reactions it needs to do and contributes to the building blocks that our cells and parts need to stay healthy. 
11.) Cosmetics - look at the label of any makeup or nail product - all those compounds are organic compounds most of the time, mostly (mica and titanium dioxide are examples of things that are not organic). 

You can see many of these relate to food - but we are organic creatures and so everything we take into our bodies is usually organic, too!
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