what are the four Rs of waste disposal? explain each in a sentence.

The 4 R of waste disposal are:
1.Reduce : Reducing the amount of products/ recourse we consume. Reducing what we consume reduces the amount of garbage that litters the land and occupies space in community landfills.  
2. Reuse : Reusing things before we recycle or discard them is the next best way to decrease the amount of resources we consume and the amount of waste we produce. 
3. Recycle : A used item is broken down physically or chemically to make a new item.  This new item could be the same as its original form or it might be an entirely different product. Recycling helps to lesser use of newer resources.
4. Recover : To get something usable even from waste products. For example, by capturing and combusting gases emitted by the decomposition of organic materials in a landfill, we can produce electricity. This is an example of recovery from waste.

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