what are the difference between haveli bungalow

I think both are similar to each other .

And Bungalow is the modern name of Haveli.

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actually even i thought , but the teacher asked us 2 define us!!!!!!!!!!

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What's the difference between the life of a kid living in a haveli and a kid living in a bungalow?
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Havelis are multi storey buildings in which a number of people lived while colonial bungalows were single storey meant for nuclear families. Havelis are very large spreaded over to about 100 acres while colonial bungalows are spread to 1 or 2 acres only.
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Bungalows are very convenient for the homeowner in that all living areas are on a single-story and there are no stairs between living areas. A bungalow is well suited to persons with impaired mobility, such as the elderly or those in wheelchairs.

  Bungalows in the Inman Parkneighbourhood of Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Neighbourhoods of only bungalows offer more privacy than similar neighbourhoods with two-story houses


Havelis were large, walled compounds with mansions, courtyards and fountains where as colonial bungalow where large single storied structure with a pitched roof, and usually set in one or two acres of open ground.

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No difference
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