What are the characteristics of society? Explain.

Dear Student,

1.society is a biggest human gathering. 
2. It fulfills the necessities of its individuals. 
3.One of the attribute of society is having feeling of having a place and collaboration. It is pretty much lasting affiliation.
4.It is unique (Because social connections can be felt and envisioned and can't be seen). 
5.Everybody in the public eye is subject to each and every other part. 
6.It ought to be coordinated for example will have division of work. 
7.It will have resemblance and contrasts. Because of these distinctions, assortment in human practices and division of work and specialization of jobs is there. 
8."There is cognizance of kind." Among the citizenry. 
9. It is continually evolving. 
10. It has its own way to endure.


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