what are the causes of poverty ? explain in atleast 5 points

The causes of the poverty are:-

1) Low level of the economic growth - The Indian economy is gighly underdevelopeddue to relative backwardness of agricultural and the industrial sectors. Due to these ine or two hidden factors nearly 25% of the population is still living below poverty line..

2) Population explosion - Rapid growth of population, mainly among the poor and the poorest of the poor is highly responsible for the poverty on largescale in our country as by this the per capita income is going low.

3) Poor state of agiculture - Agriculture in India has continued to be backward due to the use of primitive methods of production ad fragmented land holdings. As a result labour and land productivity continues to be low in India.

4) High Illeteracy rate - The weaker sections of the society have to take up lo paid jobs due to the lack of knowledge. The SC's and ST's are not able to pariticipate in the emerging employment opportunities in different sectors of the urban and rural economy as they do not have the necessary knowledge and skills to do so.

5) Inequalities in income - The unequal distribution of the incomes and assets has also led to the persistence of poverty in India.

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