what are the benefits of organic farming to goa.give me 10 points...urgent need help

It is good to see that you are taking a keen interest in the topic 'Organic Farming'. As mentioned by our expert Manisha Nayyar in the earlier response that this type of farming involves a limited use of chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, genetically-modified organisms, etc. Sometimes they are not used at all. 

In the study material that has been provided to you, lesson-6 (Organic farming and its benefits) of Chapter-6 (Rural Development) under the topic (Benefits of Organic Farming), we have enlisted five benefits that are associated with organic farming. Besides these points, try considering the following points.

1. Goa, being the best tourist place; how the organically grown crops having high nutritional values can be promoted.

2. The foreigners, NRIs (especially the Portuguese) are habituate of rich-spicy foods, which more often lead to digestion problems. Think of how the organic farm products can be beneficial for them in terms of curbing down the health-related issues.

3. The land of Goa is highly alkaline in nature (particularly due to the oceans). In this case, organic farming proves to be a boom, since it requires relatively less fertilisers and pesticides.

4. Also, think of if organically grown crops are well-promoted in Goa, then this may pave the way for India to capture a wide international market, as the popularity of these crops will automatically get disseminated to rest of the world, hence earn surplus foreign exchange.

5. (This point is an extension to the fourth point)

Eventually over the period of time, the foreign companies which are operating in the business of organically grown crops (such as USDA, AGGRAND  ) will definitely find Goa as a favourite spot for their business. This will create newer employment opportunities. Moreover, it will also help Goa in catering to the rising demand for organic food and thus, will increase exports from Goa. 

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