what are the advantages of cloth bags over plastic bags during shopping?

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Cloth bags have become a popular alternative to plastic and paper shopping bags, in part because cloth bags do not cause the environmental harm of plastic bags. However, cloth bags are not only for the environmentally-conscious consumer. Unlike the free bagging alternatives, cloth bags usually come with a nominal price tag, but the advantages of reusing cloth bags outweigh this small cost.


Environmental Friendliness

  • Cotton, hemp or jute shopping bags are made from renewable natural fibers, unlike propylene plastic bags that are made from limited fossil fuels. The process used to create plastic releases contaminant by-products into the atmosphere and the end product does not biodegrade for hundreds of years


  • Cloth bags are thicker than plastic bags, which makes them strong enough to be used again and again. According to the Sierra Club website, hemp or cotton bags can last for hundreds of uses. Some types of cloth bags have a stiff cardboard insert in the base that adds additional stability.


Unlike plastic bags that are often transparent and decorated with a store logo, cloth bags are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that can match your personal style. Cloth bags need not be used only for shopping; they make an attractive tote for carrying a variety of everyday items.

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Cloth bags are:

(i) Capable of carrying more things.

(ii)Made of biodegradable materials.

(iii)Do not pollute our environment.

(iv) Can be washed and reused.

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        * Cloth bags being Biodegradable and broken down by the action of bacteria or other saprophytes.
        * Whereas polythene bags are non - biodegradable and they simply persist in the environment for a long time, causing harm to the ecosystem. 
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