What are the advantages and disadvantages of caste in politics ??(80-100 words)

Positive impact:

Caste system has been well entrenched in Indian society from time immemorial and has brought about worst kind discrimination and exclusion of the out caste group who were subjected to inhuman treatment and injustice.‚Äč

a. Many interests groups and political parties came up protesting and agitating to end such kind of discrimination.
b. We have seen rise of many caste based groups, forward or backward caste groups who with the support of caste based parties, have been influencing the decisions of the government.
c. These groups have also entered into bargaining and negotiations among themselves for the purpose of wielding more power.
d.The Dalits, OBC''s have acquired political consciousness and have been pressing government with their demands. for better treatment for example, reservation.
e. It has helped in giving voice and representation to  the marginalised groups.
f.  It has helped in changing attitude of the people.

Negative aspects
i.  We have seen rise of casteism,  which regards caste as the basis of society, and believes people belonging to one caste form one community whose interest are different from those of another caste.   Casteism also believes that interests of one caste is mutually different from those of another castes., this results in conflict in the society.
ii. We may give example of anti reservation stir that took place at the time of mandal commission  which was related to caste
iii. Caste has  also emerged as major vote bank factor during elections. Political parties try to muster support on the basis of caste by exploiting the caste sentiments of the people, fielding candidates of a particular caste to reach out to more and more people.

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