What are some of the things you should do to prevent a fire at home and in the school? pls... give more than three points its emergency it is my assignment pls...... experts give quickly.

Following things should be kept in mind in order to prevent fire at home and school :-

1) Fit smoke alarms and fire extinguishers in homes and schools.

2) Take care before you leave the gas-stove unattended.

3) Non-cooking equipment such as plastic, towel etc must be kept away from the gas-stove.

4) Electrical appliances such as room heaters should be kept away from furnishings and flammable items.

5) Mock fire-drills can be conducted in schools as well as homes. Everyone must be acquainted with the emergency-exits in case of a fire.

6) Insulated and grounded electrical cords must be used.

7) Everyone must know the emergency contact numbers of the fire brigade or the fire department of the area.

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