what are the reasonable demand of people in india/

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 what are reasonable demands of people in india?

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reasonable demands of people in india r like protection for women . poverty , education for every1 , no coruption

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what are the reasonable demands of the people in india
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what makes the government democratic
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i know its in assignment ... google it 
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I believe that reasonable is not really the right word here because the things that India need now are not reasonable, they are crucial in order to ensure safety of the citizens as well as steady development of the whole country. 

So, what are the things that India needs the most? 
1. Better education for everybody - not only for children, for everybody who needs that. Countless schools in many parts of India are under-equipped and under-staffed. Teachers are not educated enough to teach well, there are no book. Not to mention any kind of technological facilities. 
2. Equality between men and women - that's not something that can be forced on the society, it's something that needs to be understood. Women are as valuable as men, in many cases even moreperiod.
3. Resolving poverty problems- it's unthinkable to see such huge differences between people from different social groups. There should be more equality between all of the citizens. 

I hope it's gonna help you. Those are just the examples which you can, but you don't have to use. Try to mess around with that and create your own piece 

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