what are public interest groups ? give examples

Public Interest Groups or Promotional Groups are a kind of groups which promote collective good, (i.e) the interests of many people collectively. Their aim is to help those other than the members of their group, unlike the Sectional Interest Groups. Examples are BAMCEF(Backward Minorities Community Employees Federation), which is an organisation which fights against cast discrimination.

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A group that exist for the express purpose of pursuing public interests that would not otherwised be pursued. Examples include Common Cause (a group that promotes campaign finance reform) and Public Citizen (a broad consumer advocacy group)

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The public interest: Group promote collevtive rather than selective good .

*they aim to help groups other than their own members .

e.g: a group fighting against bonded labour or child labour fights not for itself, but for those who are suffering

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The interest groups which seek to promote the interest of the whole society are called public interest groups.
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The interest groups which promote the interest of the common people are known as public interest groups. For example, Green earth organisation work for the protection of environment.
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Public Interest Groups or promotional groups:-
  • They represent some common or general interests.
  • They promote collective rather than selective goods.
  • They are public because they taking issues relating to the society.
  • These groups undertake activity that benefit them as well as others too.
  • Eg:- 1.FEDECOR in Bolivia. 2. Backward and minorities community employees Federation (BAMCEF) in India.(It is an organisational campaign against caste discrimination and is concerned with social justice and equality for entire society.)
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