What are non-polar molecular solids?

the solids whose constituent particles are molecules and those which are non polar ......... i.e. the electronegative elements like florine , oxygen ,nitrogen and chlorine are not included in it ...........

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these are those crystalline substances in which the constituent particles are either atoms like those of non polar molecules or of noble gases.atoms or molecules are held togrther by weak dispersion forces.example-solid helium,solid argon.

1)generally soft

2)having low melting points

3)generally liquid or gaseous at room temp. and pressure

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crystalline substances in which constituent particles are either  atoms like those of non polar molecules or like noble gases.usually having weak dispersion forces or london forces,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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which solids they do not have any oole

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which have non covalent bonds.

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 which are soft,very low melting point,insuloter of electricity     ex-Ar

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Non  polar  molecular solids are those crystalline substances which have low melting point, generally soft in nature, and  are liquid or gaseous in room temp. and pressure and they are insulator of electricity
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Such solids have an asymmetrical distribution of electrons and therefore there is no abundance of charge on either side. Opposite charges cancel each other out. Examples are methane, chlorine, hydrogen, oxygen. At room temperature and pressure, they are liquids or gases. The force binding or holding the molecules together in these solids, are Vander Waals forces (weak dispersion or London forces). These forces are weaker than ionic or covalent bonds.
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