what are merits and demerits of a bi-party and a multi party system ? ( no comparison )

Two-party system or Bi-party system:-

i) Stable government (as the chance of winning is more since there are only 2 parties).

ii) Strong opposition (as only one party forms opposition, it gets a lot of attention from media and people).
iii) Responsible government (because if they commit mistake, opposition will gain advantage).


i)Undemocratic(as there is not much choice provided for people).
ii) Cabinet dictatorship (since winning chance of same party is more it can lead dictatorship of the winning candidate).

2) Multi-party system:-


i) Democratic in nature (as people have options to choose and also form a party).

ii)Absence of cabinet dictatorship(as there is less chance for the same party to win again).

iii) helps in representing interest  of  various group(with the help of coalition government due to no absolute majority).


i) It often appears very messy (due to large number of parties and members).

ii) Leads to political instability (as no single government has clear chance of victory and each party has a different agenda).

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Merits and Demerits of Multi-party system?

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merits of multiparty

Though decision-making is cumbersome, involves time and is calculative, the decisions made under this system are more effective, and are generally accepted by people .

It's a more democratic form of system rather than the one party or two party system .

It allows a number of voices and demands within the country to enjoy political representation .

if there are multiple major parties, each with less than a majority of the vote, the parties are forced to work together to form working governments. This promotes a form of centrism.

Demerits of multiparty

With three or more parties, a party has a much more likely chance of being elected without holding the same beliefs of the majority of people. For example: In a three party system, if 60% of a population favors "viewpoint A" and there are two candidates who support "viewpoint A" it is likely that each will receive about 30% of the vote, with the remaining party receiving 40%. Here viewpoint A has got 60%(30,30%) of the votes yet the winner will actually be opposed to the majority i.e one with 40% votes..

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merits of multi party system

Though decision-making is cumbersome, involves time and is calculative, the decisions made under this system are more effective
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Bi party merits
1 it is a stable govt
2 govt is strong
3 govt is reasponsible
1 sometime it is very undemocratic
2 possiblity of cabinet dictatorship

Multiparty merrits
1 it is reasponsible govt
2 it is more representative
1 it is unstable govt
2 it is week govt
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Two-party merits
1 It is a stable government
2 Government is strong
3 Government is responsible
1 Sometimes it is very undemocratic
2 Possibility of cabinet dictatorship

Multiparty merits
1 it is a responsible government
2 it is more representative
1 it is an unstable government
2 it is week government
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