What are different types of adverbs???

If possible show examples

 Adverbs are clas­si­fied into the fol­low­ing 5 types.

Adverbs of man­ner
Adverbs of place
Adverbs of time
Adverbs of fre­quency
Adverbs of degree

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The different types of adverbs are:

1. Adverb of Manner- I walked slowly down the street.

2. Adverb of Place- Your book is there.

3. Adverb of Time- I went there yesterday.

4. Adverb of Degree- He is very angry.

5. Adverb of Frequency- I often go to that place.


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manner, place, time, degree, frequency, number.

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​there are 5 types of adverbs:-
​adverb of :-

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the different types of adverbs are:-

1] adverb of manner
a]to express "how" something is done.
EG] the sun is shining  brightly -> (adverb of manner)

2]adverb of time

  ​a] to tell something about the time.
EG] I will got to Dubai tomorrow -> (adverb of time)

3]adverb of place
a] to speak of a place.
EG] Reena went to Mynamar for research.

4]adverb of degree
a]these adverbs tell about the degree of an action,of an adjective or another adverb.
EG]the container with lemon juice is nearly full -> (adverb of degree)

5] adverb of frequency
a]these are adverbs that answer the question how frequently or how often.
EG]  Peter never gets angry
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