what are appositive noun?

Let me help you understand the concept of appositive nouns in a clear and much simpler way:

An appositive noun is a noun or a noun phrase which comes immediately after the noun of the sentence, in order to describe its identity or characteristic feature, or its relationship with the noun. Apposition is generally formed with two noun phrases, which come side by side, with one element serving to define or modify the other.

For instance:

1. Sam, a generous man, believed in charity;

2. Hoshiku, the ghost, wanders in the forests at night;

3. My brother, a brilliant student, got selected as an IAS.

In the given sentences, the first words (i.e., Sam, Hoshiku, my brother) are nouns, while the words following immediately (i.e., a generous man, the ghost, a brilliant student) are appositive nouns, which describe the nouns.

Hope the given explanation helped you with your query.

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