What according to Mandela is 'True - Freedom'?

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As per Nelson Mandela true freedom is when everyone is free. He mentions the events of his life which describes the meaning of true freedom.

Nelson Mandela said that he was born free. Free to run in the fields, free to swim and free to do anything. It was only when he began to get educated that he found that his freedom was an illusion.  At first, he said he wanted freedom only for himself. But then he slowly realised that not only his freedom, but the freedom of his fellow countrymen was curtailed. That is when the hunger for freedom of his people became greater than his own freedom.  It was this desire to live with dignity and self-respect that transformed a frightened young man into a bold one,

According to Nelson Mandela Freedom is indivisible. The chains on him were the chains on all people and the chains on all the people were the chains on him. He said he is not truly free if he is taking away someone else’s freedom or if someone else is taking away his freedom.


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