ways to solve the problem of disguised unemployeement in rural areas.

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  The primary sector or the agricultural sector constitutes the backbone of our economy, and the major sources of employment. Large number of people continue to be employed in the primary sector, which faces under unemployment and disguised unemployment where more people are employed than actually required with no significant change in the production. Large section of people continue to be employed in the primary sector because of lack of opportunities and also lack of awareness.

Ways to solve the problem of disguised unemployment in rural areas:

a. It is imperative to enhance agricultural productivity, by encouraging farmers to diversify their production, encourage multiple cropping etc.
b. Further, extend rural credit allowing people in rural areas to avail credit and encourage self employment.
c.  Promoting non agricultural activities in rural areas, like small manufacturing unit, jaggery manufacturing,poultry, animal husbandry. This will help in absorbing the workforce.
d. Encourage development in rural areas, provide greater investment and generate awareness among the people about government sponsored schemes.


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The following measures can be adopted to remove disguised unemployment in agriculture –

1. More irrigational facilities should be provided so that the farmers are able to grow two or three crops instead of one.
2. One or two members of small farmer’s family can be made to work in the farm of a big landlord and in this way they can earn wages.
3. One or two members of such families may move to work in nearby factories and earn more money for the family. 
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