wat is the summary of dis poem -IF I WERE YOU???

apni profile me study me english me summary likha hoga wahi se padh lo..dear
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  • Gerrard is a cultured playwright. He lives in a small cottage. He does meet many people. He is to go out soon, but before he does so, an intruder enters his cottage.
  • The intruder is a criminal and has a gun in his hand. He bumps accidentally against the table. Gerrard welcomes him with confidence.The intruder asks many questions to Gerrard. He answers his questions with wit, irony and humor.
  • The intruder wanted to murder him and live as Gerrard because he looked like him. Gerrard at once understood everything. He told the intruder that he was also a murderer. Therefore, the police were after him.
  • Gerrard explained that unfortunately one of his men had been caught. He was expecting trouble that night. He then made the intruder understand that it was good for him if he went with him.
  • He also told him that if it was a frame, he could shoot him in the car.
  • The intruder agreed. But when he was about to cross the door, Gerrard pushed him into the nearby cupboard. He then slammed it.
  • Thereafter, he telephoned the police for his arrest.
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