wat is difference between marine fisheries and inland fisheries?

  • Marine fishery : This type of fishing is done in ocean. Several mechanized vessels and customized equipments are required for marine fisheries.
  • Inland fishery : It is done in lakes, rivers or ponds. Traditional boats or nets are sufficient for this technique.

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"Marine fishing"

 pakistan has a coastline divided to a Sindh & Makran coasts.Sindh coast is 30% & the Makran coast is 70%.

Sindh Karachi is the main centre.On the Makran coast fishing ports are small.There are two types of Marine fishing.

1)Subsistence Fishing

2)IN  Commercial Fishing.

  "Inland fishing"

Inland fishing is practised in almost all the rivers & lakes in the country.In addition,the large reservoirs behind dams,the lakes(dhands) of sindh & abandoned riverof irrigation channels are all utilised for fishing farming;specially dug ponds have also been made for this purposes .If u look at that the number of Fish Farms spread throughtout Punjab,Sindh & a few areas of NWFP.

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what is differnce between marine fisheries and inland fisheries

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