Was Kanga's meeting with Stephen Hawkings planned? Describe how he was able to meet him.

When Kanga had first visited Cambridge he did not know that Stephen Hawkins resided there. However, after knowing the truth Kanga called his personal assistant and fixed an appointment. He was so desperate that he said even ten minutes would do. This is when Kanga planned his visit to Stephen Hawkins between three-thirty to four.


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 Yes it was planned.He was on a tour through Cambridge when the guide mentioned about stephen hawking.The guide saod that Hawking is a poor man who is quite disabled,though he is a worthy successor to Issac Newton. And at that time Kanga came to know that Hawking lived there. So he rushed to a phone booth and phoned Stephen.His assistant was on line and then he said he want to see Hawking so the assistant sais that he could meet him for 30mins i.e. from 3:30 - 4:00 .This is how Kanga met Stephen.

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 sorry it is said not sais

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But it is not mention in the book that it is planned

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oh yeah sorry...you are write it wasn't planned..actually he had came to Britain to write about his travels...in Britain

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sorry it is right not  write....

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