unemployment in India is a chronic problem .Do you agree?
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Dear Student,
The Chronic Unemployment means prolonged unemployment in the economy. It is caused due to the long-term unemployment persisting in the economy.

Unemployment in India is a chronic problem due to following reasons :-
1)Rapid Population Growth: In India, particularly in rural areas, the population is increasing rapidly. The increased population is one of the major cause of unemployment. More population leads to an increase in the labour force that ultimately leads to more unemployment because of fewer job opportunities. 

2) Limited land: Land is the gift of nature. It is always constant and cannot expand like population growth. Since, India population increasing rapidly, therefore, the land is not sufficient for the growing population. As a result, there is heavy pressure on the land. In rural areas, most of the people depend directly on land for their livelihood. Land is very limited in comparison to population. It creates the unemployment situation for a large number of persons who depend on agriculture in rural areas.

3) Seasonal Agriculture:In Rural Society agriculture is the only means of employment. However, most of the rural people are engaged directly as well as indirectly in agricultural operation. In the developing countries, like India, agriculture provides the seasonal employment such as the demand for the workers during the cultivation, harvesting, and sowing period is more than the other months in a year.

​​​​​​4) Fragmentation of land: In India, due to the heavy pressure on land of large population results the fragmentation of land. It creates a great obstacle in the part of agriculture. As land is fragmented and agricultural work is being hindered the people who depend on agriculture remain unemployed. This has an adverse effect on the employment situation. It also leads to the poverty of villagers.

5) Backward Method of Agriculture: The method of agriculture in India is very backward. Till now, the rural farmers followed the old farming methods. As a result, the farmer cannot feed properly many people by the produce of his farm and he is unable to provide his children with proper education or to engage them in any profession. It leads to unemployment problem.

7) Defective education: Still the education system in Indian economy is in its growing stage where studies are degree oriented and less job oriented. When it comes to knowledge, it is more theoretical than practical. People find it difficult to apply their learnings in the job and land up remaining unemployed.

9) Inadequate Employment Planning: The employment planning of the government is not adequate in comparison to population growth. In India near about two Lakh people are added yearly to our existing population. But the employment opportunities did not increase according to the proportionate rate of population growth. As a consequence, a great difference is visible between the job opportunities and population growth.

​​​​​​10)Immobility of Workforce: This problem is very much prevalent in the developing countries where people are more likely to reside in the places where their family is located and refuse to go to the regions where the jobs are available. This leads to an increase in the unemployment.


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