Two masses of 1 kg and 5 kg are attached to the ends of a massless string passing over a pulley of negligible weight. The pulley itself is attached to a light spring balance as shown in figure. The masses start moving during this interval; the reading of spring balance will be :-
a) more than 6 kg
b) less than 6 kg
c) equal to 6 kg
d) none 

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Please attach the figure with your question.In this solution i have assumed that spring is connected with the pulley with a single thread in the vertical position.
Let tension in the string is Tfor 5kg mass5g-T=5a...1 (a is acceleration of 5kg mass downwards)for 1 kg massT-1g=1amultiplying both sides by 55T-5g=5a...2eqn( 2-1)(5T-5g)-(5g-T)=5a-5a6T-10g=0T=10g6Tension in the spring balance isTbalance=2T=2×10g6Tbalanceg=206kg=3.33kgso reading is less than 6kgRegards

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the figure  isn't shown and so it is difficult to answer it
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