Total Distance covered and divide it by your amount of Fuel required to fill your car's tank. For Example, Total distance Covered 466 Kms and Fuel filled was 30 Litres then the Mileage comes out to be 15.6 Kms per litre. There are other ways to calculate and you can find it on Google. Anupriya and Mandavi are very close friends. Anupriya's parents own a Tata Nexon. Mandavi's parents own a Maruti Swift. Both the families decide to go to Patna by their own cars. For every litre of petrol, Anupriya's car travels x km and Mandavi's car travels 2 km more than Anupriya's car. Anupriya's car uses 3 litres more than Mandavi's car in covering 660 kmQuestion:1)

Choose correct option?


The quadratic equation has at least one real



The quadratic equation has at least two real


c) The quadratic equation has at most two real


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