This map of the Indian province of Kerala shows how its area can be approximated using a simple straight-sided shape. The shape has two parallel sides 561 and 216 km ling. The other sides are 180 and 211 km long. Its parallel sides are 100 km apart.

Which one of the following sets of calculation will give the best approximation of the area of Kerala in square kilometers?180×211 + 561×216(100÷2)×(216 + 561)(180 + 211 + 561 + 216)×100100×(561 + 216÷2)
what is the formula for area of trapezium ?

Area =12sum of parallel sides×distance between parallel sides          =12561+216×100=12777×100          =388.5×100=38850 sq. kmArea of kerala is 38850sq. km.

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