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Television is one of the most important and reliable means of communication. It is a medium for everybody whether a person is old or young. Today in the modern world it is very necessary for everybody to know about the outside world and the changes that have come. You can watch television for many purposes such as for collecting information, educational purposes, entertainment purposes and so on.  Students also can learn many things from tv like by watching news channels he/she can know about what's happening around the country or the world. One feature of tv is that some channels on tv produces educational content in a form of entertainment which attracts students to watch and learn from them. A television also shows different cultures from all around the world. One can get exposed to different cultures of the nation or the world by just watching the television. As we know, every coin has two sides. There are many ill effects of TV too. Children in particular, have become overly attached to TV. In many cases children are being left in front of the television for hours which is not right. There should be a TV watching schedule for every child so that there aren't any negative effects on the child's mind. Also, children should watch only age appropriate content. A child should not watch tv more than 2 hours per day. 

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