This is my doubt.

This is my doubt. 19. a) There was anews item rearding the collapse ofa landfill site in Delhi where many people got hurt anathere were widespread traffic jams. The students discussed it with their teacher and arrived at the conclusion that everyone should generate less garbage and also self— manage the garbage produced. Suggest any two ways to manage the garbage we produce and two ways to generate less garbage. b) What arethe three major reasons foroppositionto the construction of dams?

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In general, wastes are of three types of waste management – liquid (water, sewage), gaseous (includes harmful gases like carbon monoxide), and solid (plastic, paper etc). 


 Biodegradable waste include kitchen wastes like peels of fruits and vegetables, waste food, newspaper, and garden wastes like dead leaves and other plant parts. 

Best way to manage biodegradable waste is to bury it in soil. Different micro organisms are present inside the soil which will act on it & break it into dark brown fertile substance known as compost. This compost is very useful as it adds nutrients to soil and increases the soil fertility. Thus, it helps in enhancing the growth of plants.


Non biodegradable wastes include wastes such as plastic, metal, broken glass etc., which cannot be broken down by living organisms. Non biodegradable wastes can be dumped in landfills away from the populated areas. Once the landfill is completely full, it is usually converted into a park or a play ground. Some non biodegradable waste like plastic, glass & metals can be recycled as it saves space used for land filling.
There are many ways to generate less garbage, first of all lowering your trash output is the simple thing to do by reducing, recycling and reusing things.

  • One way to reduce packaging is to buy fresh products instead of canned.
  • Buying bulk is another way to reduce trash. If you buy something packaged then examine if the container is recyclable.
  • Instead of throwing out old carpets, cabinets, clothing you can donate it to charity.
  • Use plastic dishes or cuttlery instead of disposable products.
  • Use real cloth, napkins instead or paper towels or napkins.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Use lunch boxes instead of paper sacs.  
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