this 2nd chapter of class 8 maths textbook is very tough...isn't it any 8th class cbse student there here.....

If you all have any problem related to any query you all can ask to us freely your query. We are always there to help you guys.and you can go through our study material too it will help you a lot.

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do you want any help, I am ready to help you.

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yup i m n 8th class student nd hav cbse buk.i cam help u.

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thnx but ur all very late

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 d 2nd chapter is quite easy sheen.nath

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any body has RD Sharma book

they can easily solve this chapter

if anybody has RD Sharma then pls tell me i want some help frm them

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actually i m not a parent i am a student like u of 8th std.

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no question

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I have it

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