"There are regions which are rich in resources but are economically backward, while there are some regions which have a poor resource base but they are economically developed." Justify with reason. (3 marks)

There are some regions like Jharkhand , Odisha which are resources rich regions of India with coal,iron deposits present here still these regions are backward since low human resources development,presence of tribal people and lack of industrial penetrations in these areas ,so despite having so much resources , minerals still these regions lack a proper economic prosperity like rest of India.On other hand regions like Mumbai or Ahmedabad are not so resource rich regions but still are economically prosperous since they have become commercial hub of India with maximum local, international trade transaction taking place in India.Also these regions are developed because of industrial growth in these regions ,apart from this presence good transportation infrastructure like roads, railways has contributed towards economic development of these regions.Apart from this the people living here are also well skilled and educated thus giving a plus point to these areas.

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