There are errors in the use of correct noun is correct and rewrite the sentence one is be done for you

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Following are the answers:
2. I need to buy a set of plates.
3. Check out the chest of drawers.
4. A squadron of armymen stood ready.
5. A mob of angry people gathered near the gate.
6. I bought a board of papers for my mother.
7. A troupe of circusmen stood ready for the show.
8. A swarm of flies were visible at a distance.
9. A regimen of soldiers stormed into the premises.
10. The bevy of girls were eager to meet the popular author.
11. A troop of ducks descended into the lake.
12. A herd of owls hooted all night.
13. A pack of wolves attacked the stag.
14. Indonesia is a group of islands in southeast Asia.
15. A spring of robbers robbed the house.

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