The writer has created many humorous situations in the story 'The summer of the beautiful white horse'. describe and justify a few of them to show the use of humour in the story.

Aram's experience with the horse is one of the humorous accounts in the story apart from the character of Uncle Khosrove who comes across as a comically absurd character. ​As Mourad got off the horse and asked Aram to ride, the latter kicked into the muscles of the horse but it just reared and snorted. Then it began to run and he didn't know what to do with it. Instead of running across the field to the irrigation ditch, the horse ran down the road to the vineyard of Dikran Halabian where it began to leap over vines. The horse leaped over seven vines before Aram fell and it continued running as Mourad came down the road. Finally Mourad was able to bring back the horse and return him into its hiding place before anyone got wind of it. ​Uncle Khosrove was an enormous man with a powerful head of black hair and the largest moustache in the San Joaquin Valley. He was also furious in his temperament, extremely irritable and impatient such that he stopped anyone from talking by roaring: It is no harm; pay no attention to it. It did not matter what the circumstances were, that would be his refrain to everything.

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